Life is Short, Retire Early

Compare Investing Options

Compare retirement investing options
Investing will allow you to retire early with less savings than you think you need.

Retiring Early means you need to know:

 1. How to safely invest your existing savings

 2. Discover real strategies beating inflation, taxes and healthcare costs

 3. How much to withdraw to support your lifestyle

 4. How to invest without paying high commissions

 5. How to never run out money during retirement

Should you retire early?
Every day 10,000 Americans begin retirement and are trying to figure out, how to grow their savings to pay their monthly bills. That is exactly the same issue I discovered when I stopped working at age 31 and decided to relocate with my wife. After owning & operating hotels in Florida I was now puzzled how to make my savings last a lifetime. When it comes to investing, we want our money to grow with the highest rate of return and the lowest risk possible. Retiring is different because we must learn to shift from growth of assets to supplementing our income. When you are employed you trade time for money, but in retirement you trade money for time. To fill the income gap it is necessary to develop new income sources to replace the loss of employment income. will show you show you how to calculate precisely what is needed to pay your monthly expenses. 

How to avoid retirement income risk?
You may face some of these risks during retirement:
Sequence of returns risk, market risk, interest rate risk, inflation risk, mortality risk, legislation risk, litigation risk, longevity risk or health risk.
An investment's past performance is subject to many factors, such as economic and regulatory conditions and should not be relied upon for predicting future results.

How to invest for early retirement?
Most banks savings & checking accounts currently are offering less than 6% annually. I knew there must be a better solution available. Below I have sorted a few simple investing strategies that are currently available to the public, but they are all not guaranteed. If you are seeking a higher rate of return than any of the options listed below then you need to copy the The Perfect Bitcoin Retirement Plan which will continue to financially support me from age 31. If it's working for me from age 31 than it can work for you too. I'm living proof that it can work from anywhere in the world. You too can retire early from anywhere!

Financial advisors are expensive
There are a variety of ways to invest your hard earned money. However, not all of them will benefit you in the long run. Especially if you’re not looking to waste a good portion of your money using a financial advisor. That’s because financial advisors can be extremely costly. Some financial advisors simply charge a flat, hourly, or annual fee to manage your money. Others charge fees based on how much of your money they’re managing. The more you invest, the more you’re paying to invest. The fees can cost 1-2% annually of your entire investment. This probably sounds like a waste of your hard-earned income. 

If you want to be the average person, then be the average person. If you want to have above-average results, then you're going to have to put above-average effort into thinking about your financial future. You can wisely invest for your future without breaking the bank, using The Perfect Bitcoin Retirement Plan.
1. Money Market Accounts
Money market securities are short-term IOUs issued by governments, financial institutions and large corporations. These instruments are very liquid and considered extremely safe. Defaults on money market instruments have been extremely rare. Because of this relative safety, money market securities offer significantly lower returns than most other securities. Individual investors have access to the market through a variety of different securities.  Other than T-Bills, money market instruments are not riskless, but the risks are low. There have been defaults over the years, but they are not common. 
= Not Guaranteed but Safer than most other options
2. (Peer to Peer) P2P Lending
The two largest companies offering services that allow you to act like a banker are Prosper & Lending Club. I tested Prosper platform out over 10 years ago when they debuted their services. I invested a few thousand dollars  and three years later I was lucky to break even due to the high default rate. Since that time I read their  underwriting criteria have changed and the default rate I incurred is less of an issue. However, lending to strangers does not appeal to me anymore and the secondary market is not liquid enough for me. 
= Not Guaranteed & Not Secured
3. Certificate of Deposit
This is a safe option but locks up your principal investment for the entire duration term. That means you cannot have access to your 4% annual withdrawals if needed. They also carry early withdrawal penalties. Average rates currently are around 5% and they are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per person. You should not invest more than $250,000 in any single FDIC bank.
= Guaranteed
4. Corporate & Municipal Bonds
Typically pay higher interest rates than certificates of deposit.
With an individual bond, risk decreases the longer you hold it. Managing the maturity date of different bonds can get complicated and confusing. Bonds usually require laddering and managing the maturity date of different holdings. Bonds are not guaranteed. If you hold government bonds until maturity, you should get all your payments and principal back. When interest rates rise, bonds will decline in value. 
= Not Guaranteed but safer than stocks
5. Dividend Stocks
When I am living off irreplaceable retirement savings, volatile stocks is not where I want to be invested. This is where you should have been invested in before retirement. Stay clear of this asset class if you are unsure when you will need your investment liquidated. The Perfect Bitcoin Retirement Plan avoids most stocks with a history of cutting or suspending their dividends. This assures you will earn stable and reliable dividends during your golden years.
= Not Guaranteed
6. Retirement Income Funds
If you don't like watching your portfolio grow or shrink this works. This strategy automatically adjusts your portfolio to the right stocks/bonds allocations. Similar to a mutual fund so there is market risk involved with many of these funds. 
= Not Guaranteed
7. Real Estate Rentals
This hands-on approach is great when you are young, energetic and able to handle the unexpected. It may require more work than you anticipated during your golden years. You will have to screen tenants, deal with brokers/agents, maintenance, renovations, damage plus much more. The local market also will determine how quickly you can liquidate this type of investment. Experts say to rent where you live and own what you lease to others. Expenses such as a mortgage, utilities, insurance, taxes and other operating costs are the reasons I personally prefer more passive income solutions. 
= Not Guaranteed
8. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
Basically a mutual fund for real estate but I have seen these types of investments go bankrupt & sell for big discounts relative to their asset value. If you have a strong stomach consider this investment class worthwhile. 
= Not Guaranteed
9. Fixed, Variable or Index Annuities
Your funds are usually locked up for the entire duration term you commit to. Large surrender charges (early withdrawal penalties) usually apply. There may even be commissions on the sale of your annuity. With immediate and deferred options available they can suit retirees or those planning on retirement. The right annuity purchased can be one of the greatest sources of income during retirement or it may not even beat inflation.
= Not Always Guaranteed
10. Bank Checking or Savings Accounts
This is the right place to park money you may need immediately. A savings account is an interest-bearing deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution that provides a low interest rate. They also may charge fees unless you maintain a certain average monthly balance in the account or use the account monthly. In most cases, banks do not provide checks with savings accounts. You will not find banks offering interest rates higher than 2% annually which probably is not even beating inflation currently. 
= Guaranteed
The Perfect Bitcoin Retirement Plan
As you can see investing safely does exist and there are multiple options available to suit your risk tolerance. The options shared above may not beat inflation. If you want to beat inflation than you need The Perfect Bitcoin Retirement Plan. I will show you the exact same simple strategy that I currently use myself. You don't need to wait until your 65 to start enjoying life and you certainly don't need to be a millionaire to retire early. You can retire early from anywhere using Bitcoin on your phone. 

In Bitcoin We Trust,
Avi Rosner
Why should you build an Annuity like the American Income Fund?
We have engineered the Perfect Annuity Features!
The most frequently asked questions
Why should I invest?
You should invest because you would like to receive stable consistent income and banks are not paying you enough. If you are seeking a passive fixed income solution, an annuity like AIF is the way to go.
Why an annuity?
You should build an annuity because it's the only investment vehicle that can provide you income for the rest of your life. We show you exactly how to build the only Commission-Free annuity that also offers the Highest Rate of Return on the market.
Is there a withdrawal penalty?
No, there is no penalty for withdrawing principal prior to the maturity date. 
Will I receive a paper statement monthly?
Yes your broker should provide you with a physical or electronic statement showing all transactions, fees and performance.
Is the interest earned taxable?
Yes, however the interest is tax deferred. This means that you pay tax only when the maturity comes due or is cashed prematurely. Interest is taxable by the federal government, state or local governments. Consult with a tax professional prior to liquidating the investment.
Do I need to be an American citizen to start?
No you do not need to be a USA citizen to invest like an American.
What amount is your minimum investment?
While there is no minimum requirement we suggest you start with at least $100,000 to allow for sufficient diversification.
What is the minimum age to open an account?
While there is no minimum age requirement we suggest starting as soon as possible. Any person age 30-70 will benefit utilizing the investment strategies we share.  
Will you share my private information with anyone?
No, we will never share your private information without your consent.

Benefits of The Perfect Bitcoin Retirement Plan

A Proven Strategy To Grow Your Savings

Turn Your Savings Into Monthly Passive Income 

Uncover Real Strategies Beating Inflation, Taxes and Healthcare Costs 

Secure Your Bitcoin from theft, loss and hackers

Buy Bitcoin and Pay The Lowest Commissions

Beat The Banks and Wall Street

No Early Withdrawal Penalties

Never Pay Taxes Until You Sell Your Bitcoin

Supplement Healthcare Costs & Social Security

How much do you really need to retire?
How much money do you really need to earn annually to retire without worrying?
Before answering that question I need to know... How much did you spend total last year?

Was the answer approximately $52,000 annually? or more?
Did you know that $52,000 is above the average annual spending of an American adult.

If you can make $52,000 from passive investments, you never have to work again!
That equals $1,000 per week to supplement any social security or pension income. 
It's just like winning the "Win For Life" sweepstakes.

That’s all it takes and knowing this average spending dollar amount makes it a lot easier for us to reach our financial goals.

How much you want to really spend is up to you, and setting up specific income goals will help you be realistic about what you can achieve in which period of time.

Below are 3 money goals:

Goal #1. Make enough money from your investments to pay for your basic living costs: rent, food, utilities, a potential mortgage, and transportation.

Goal #2. Make enough money from your investments to pay for your basic living costs plus fun, like travel, going to the movies, buying new clothes regularly, pay credit cards etc.

Goal #3. Make enough money from your investments to be financially independent and never have to work again (minimum of $52,000 per year).

To reach goal 3 you only need $578,150 invested earning a 7% annual return = $51,000 annually. This goal can be achieved with much less savings if you feel comfortable depleting your savings in less than 20 years.

The EXAMPLE CHART BELOW is the ideal goal you want to achieve to make certain your savings last a lifetime. We will use this goal for illustration purposes going forward.

You don't need to make a million dollars in your entire life, but you can still reach a point where you never have to work again. Learn how much you can maximize your savings by reading the rest of this retirement income guide. Than go ahead and input your numbers into our free retirement calculator to get personalized results. Whether your savings are $100,000 or over $1,000,000 this plan will show you how to maximize your monthly income with any amount of existing savings.

Retirement Income Expert,
Abraham Rosner
Goal #3 Ideal Example
Full Disclaimer: The investment strategies discussed have been tested and used by myself and others. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is the blueprints to a DIY retirement income plan. You may use the passive income earned to pay your healthcare expenses, supplement your social security income (if you receive any) or any use you decide. The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. As always when it comes to investments past performance is not indicative of future results.