Life Is Short, Retire Early
This calculator will show you how long your savings can last
How to Use This Calculator

Starting Principal  
Enter the amount you want to invest to see how much monthly income you can earn.  

You will need $400,000 to earn $48,000 annually, assuming a 12% rate of return annually.
However, you can start investing for dividend income with any amount of savings.

Length of Time= How long would you like to earn income. Try inputting 10, 20 or 30 years. (Your money is never locked-up).

Annual Growth Rate 
Enter 12% to ensure longevity risk is minimized. You can try inputting any percentage amount to see scenarios for other rates of returns.
This calculator will compound the interest monthly. 

Withdrawal Frequency
Input your desired rate of withdrawal needed monthly or annually.
Let's say you have a starting balance of $200,000 at 10% interest. You want to know how much you can withdraw on a monthly basis to make your saving last. Try entering a withdrawal amount of $2,000 monthly and you'll see that amount will last almost 18 Years. 

Common Questions:

How long can my money last?
This calculator assumes that you have savings & you want to know how long your savings can last. 
A 12% annual rate of return could make your savings last for the rest of your life.

Why use an Annuity Calculator For Retirement?
An annuity is a financial product sold by an insurance company that provides a stream of payments over time to the investor.
This type of calculator helps us determine how long our existing savings can last. We can pick the desired rate of return, frequency and amounts of withdrawals. This calculator should only be used if you intend on spending down your retirement savings.