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How to Use The Annuity Calculator

Starting Principal  
Enter the amount you will invest to build your own annuity contract. 
You Must Start with a Minimum of $100,000 to ensure you don't outlive your savings.

Length of Annuity = How long would you like to earn income. Start with 5, 10 or 20 years. (Your money will not be locked-up)

Annual Growth Rate 
Enter 7-10% to ensure longevity risk is minimized. You can try inputting any percentage amount to see scenarios for other rates of returns.
This calculator will compound interest monthly. 

Withdrawal Frequency
Input your desired rate of withdrawal needed monthly or annually.
Example :
Let's say you have a starting balance of $100,000 at 6% interest. You want to know how much you can withdraw on a monthly basis to make your saving last at least 10 years. Try entering a withdrawal amount of $12,000 annually and you'll see that savings amount will last 12 Years. 

Common Questions:

How long will my retirement savings last?
This calculator assumes that you have a savings account & you want to know how long your savings will last you. 
A 7-10% rate of return could make your savings last a lifetime.

What is an Annuity?
An annuity is a financial product sold that provides a stream of payments over time to the purchaser (annuitant).
There are a lot of different flavors of annuity contracts and they can be complex. Yet, there are many benefits to the user. A Simple Annuity by removes all the confusion and complications by only offering you what is necessary to make your savings last a lifetime.
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