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How Much Do You Need to Retire?
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How Do You Invest For Income Without Stock Market Risk?

Discover Safe Investment Strategies to Generate Monthly Income Without Paying Commissions!
What is the definition of an annuity?
An annuity is a financial product that pays out a fixed stream of payments to an individual, primarily used as an income stream for retirees. 
How Long Will My Money Last?
Please use the annuity calculator to figure out how much monthly income you can generate using your savings and find out how long your 401K or IRA Savings will last.
Where can I get the best annuity?
Annuities are created and sold by financial institutions. However using the secret recipe provided by our training you can build the best annuity right from your own home. 
What happens if I need my money early?
An Annuity from has no surrender charges AKA early withdrawal penalties. Which means you can request an early withdrawal and never be penalized on your principal.
How much are the commissions involved?
 Unlike an annuity sold by a traditional insurance company, with an annuity from there is no insurance agent involved. With the agent out of the picture there is no need to charge a commission.
How do I get started generating monthly income?
To get started please visit the annuity calculator that will help you determine exactly how much income you can generate using your existing 401K or IRA Savings.
About provides passive income education so retirees can make informed decisions on how to maximize their existing savings such as 401k or IRA to last the rest of their life. Learn more about the best strategy to supplement social security income.
Why Do You Need Income?
When you retire, you will need a steady cash flow to meet your daily needs and live out your dreams. While focusing on capital preservation, shares simple proven instructions using step-by-step blueprints for achieving your desired income to support your lifestyle.
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What Can Abraham Show Me?
  • HOW TO Turn Your 401K, IRA or Any Existing Savings Into A Monthly Passive Income For Life 
  • Uncover Real Strategies Beating Inflation, Taxes and Healthcare Costs
  •  Learn The Best Strategy to Keep Your 401K or IRA Savings Safe
  •  Get Solutions You Need Without Paying Commissions
  • How Much to Withdraw Monthly So You Never Run Out Money During Retirement
  •  How To Generate 7% Annually Without Stock Market Risk
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Who Is The Author?
Hi, I will share with you the short version. I made my fortune from owning & operating hotels in Florida which I still own. My  successful investing results have already been proven and replicated by many other investors.
Why Do I Need His Advice?
When you retire, you will need a steady cash flow to meet your daily needs and live out your dreams. While focusing on protecting your savings, I will share step-by-step blueprints for achieving the desired income you need to support your lifestyle. I will show you exactly how to make your savings support you.
How Did He Retire at 31?
I started from extremely humble beginnings working in my father's accounting firm at the Empire State Building. Using my savings, I started buying multi-family property in NY. After opening my own successful accounting firm in Miami, I was able to use the profits to buy a 100 room hotel in Florida. Within a few years I decided to stop exchanging my time for money and instead figure out a safe way to have my money start working for me.
Dozens of financial advisors told me that there was no investment vehicle that would allow me to have my cake (savings) and eat it too (spend it). Using the investment skills that I refined over the last 10 years, I was able to reverse engineer the "Secret Ingredients and Recipes" that make up many retirement income plans. 

I then simply replicated the same investment holdings being sold by "the big companies" without paying any commissions. It was just like buying the S&P stocks individually instead of an index fund. I personally use the monthly passive income generated to pay my monthly bills and supports my desired lifestyle in Europe.
What Are You Offering Me?
After helping my family and friends in Israel plan their retirement income successfully, I realized my strategy could be applied to any savings such as a 401K or IRA. So I prepared a Free guide that compares multiple passive income strategies. This guide I compiled will save you time and money by Ranking The Best Passive Income Investments By Yield. It will save you countless hours of time from researching each investment type. It will also save you money in 2019 by comparing the rates of return to expect for each investment type.

Discover How Thousands of Investors Are Instantly Generating Monthly Income Without Stock Market Risk!
This guide will enable you to choose which investments fit your risk tolerance and how quickly you can get started with them.
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