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Behind the Story that Inspired the Company
What do you do? makes retirement income planning easy to understand. It is home to retirement income expert Abraham Rosner who provides clear, practical advice on managing your savings with the least amount of work. Whether you’re looking towards early retirement, still saving for retirement, or just seeking to increase your income, Abraham will answer your questions with straightforward personal financial advice. Your working years may have been complicated but retirement income planning should be simple.
Who are you?
My personal story on the road to Retirement begins at age 31 when I retired from owning & operating multiple hotels/bars in Florida. I worked very hard physically & mentally 24 hours a day / 6 days a week for 5 years. I saved up over $1 Million Dollars that I planned on living off of without depleting. I was interested in protecting my savings and living off the interest. The type of real estate I owned was very financially rewarding but also required constant active management. I was now at a stage in my life where I was seeking something more passive so that I can travel, which I postponed for years. So I started researching for new investment opportunities that will not require me to be hands-on or take up my precious time.
Most retirement plans available offer high fees & low returns
After doing extensive research, I found that almost all annuities out there have high penalty surrender charges of 15% or more (known as early withdrawal penalties), they also charged huge commissions of 6% or more (paid to insurance agents only concerned with their fees, not your performance) and having your funds tied up for an indefinite period of time did not appeal to me.
I built my own Annuity & it had great results
I decided to Build My Own Annuity since I did not get a pension, using the same ingredients & recipe the large insurance companies were using. I quickly realized the Annuity that I built for myself had become a stable & consistent source of income for years earning me up to 10% annually. It offered me instant diversification from the stock market & offered the Highest Rate of Return all while still protecting my initial investment.
Now I am offering the same opportunity to you
When friends & family started asking me how I can afford to live without working for months at a time I told them what I was doing. It did not take long before they asked me to help them manage their retirement savings as well. After discovering that my retirement income results could easily be applied to almost any retirement income plan, I felt compelled to tell the world that better alternatives exists. That is why I decided to leave retirement early in order that I can help those who also believe in maximizing their savings. That is one reason but mostly because I believe it's my purpose to stop over complicating retirement income planning.

Retirement Income Expert,
Abraham Rosner
What Can Abraham Show Me?
  • HOW TO Turn Your 401K, IRA or Any Existing Savings Into A Monthly Passive Income For Life 
  • Uncover Real Strategies Beating Inflation, Taxes and Healthcare Costs
  •  Learn The Best Strategy to Keep Your 401K or IRA Savings Safe
  •  Get Solutions You Need Without Paying Commissions
  • How Much to Withdraw Monthly So You Never Run Out Money During Retirement
  •  How To Generate 10% Annually Without Stock Market Risk
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Read what clients say about me

David & Elizabeth Peterson - Boca Raton, FL

We worried about many things financially since getting married. We were saving monthly and living below our means. We did everything possible to prepare for early retirement. We never saw much progress until Abraham Rosner showed us how we can can spend minimal time and maximize our retirement income. Now we can finally sleep peacefully knowing we will never outlive our savings using his simple strategy!

Gilbert Ross - Los Angeles, CA

I was new to retiring and unsure what options were available for me. No one ever taught me how to save money or where to invest. After inheriting some money from my father who passed away I looked everywhere for help. Abraham Rosner was referred to me by my father's lawyer. I am so happy with the results that I look forward to never having to seek out another financial professional again!

Samantha Brown - Long Island, NY

After getting separated from my ex-spouse of 20+ years I was uncertain how I would make it to retirement. Abraham Rosner was a lifesaver for showing me multiple potential outcome scenarios and figuring out what worked best for my situation. I am forever grateful my friend introduced me to him!
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