Abraham Rosner Can Increase Your Retirement Income!
Why was American Income Fund Founded?
I retired at age 31
My personal story on the road to Retirement begins at age 31 when I retired from owning & running multiple hotels/bars/restaurants in Florida. I worked very hard physically & mentally 24 hours a day / 6 days a week for 12 years. I saved up over $1 Million Dollars that I planned on living off of without depleting. I was interested in protecting my savings and living off the interest.
Most retirement plans available offer high fees & low returns
After doing extensive research, I found that almost all annuities out there have high penalty surrender charges of up to 25% (known as early withdrawal penalties), they charged huge commissions of up to 15% (paid to insurance agents only concerned with their fees, not your performance) and having your funds tied up for an indefinite period of time did not appeal to me.
I built my own Pension & had great results
I decided to Build My Own Annuity Pension using the same ingredients & recipe the large insurance companies were using. I quickly realized the Annuity that I built for myself had become a stable & consistent source of income for years earning me up to 7% annually. It offered me instant diversification from the stock market & offered the Highest Rate of Return all while still protecting my initial investment.
Now I am offering the same opportunity to you
When friends & family started asking me how I can afford to live in Luxury European Cities for months at a time I told them what I was doing. It did not take long before they asked me to manage their retirement savings as well. After discovering that my retirement income results could easily be applied to almost any retirement income plan, I felt compelled to tell the world that better alternatives exists. That is why I decided to leave retirement early in order that I can help those who also believe in living the American Retirement Dream!

P.S: You too can start living the American Retirement Dream with as little as $100,000!

Abraham Rosner